_______________________________________________________________________ Summer

After School Classes 2017  
Please join us this year as we jump into a new year of fun and creativity.
I will encourage experimentation and new ideas while learning basic painting techniques.
These classes incorporate: drawing, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media and sometimes clay and varying
3D projects. Ellen teaches step by step instruction on a large high resolution screen , as well as one
on one (very hands on).
Student of all ages enjoy Ellen's detailed and patient teaching style where everyone feels like
YES-I can do this!!

Date/Time  Every Thursday or Friday 4:00-5:30
 Age 7-Adult (Some exceptions made)
 Price $25/class
If you pay by the month cost is $22./ class
There may be an occasional
extra charge for art materials
Friday morning adult painting classes

Weekly classes where you may join the scheduled class (these classes are announced)
or continue in OPEN STUDIO working on your own painting. This is where you choose
one of the painting samples,
and follow along with the video working at your own pace. This allows you to watch Ellen
paint (video) while being able to ask questions and benefit from Ellen's expertise as she
oversees your progress. Everything needed for the painting is provided and is included
in the price.
 Every Friday 10:30-12:30
Price $35.00 for class with instruction $25.00 for independent work using your own materials.
Working Wednesdays
         This a program where you can volunteer, and/or earn class time in
         my shop on
          Wednesday mornings. We build the art kits which consists of filling
          paint containers, filling plaster bag, shells and sand,glitter,etc.
.             This program continues throughout the year and is a relaxed time
          of fun/ fellowship and refreshments.

        Please call to schedule 850 934 8538.
Date/time every Wednesday 10:30-12-30                                  
        Price Volunteer or earn scholarship points for
        classes. Get one hour of free classes for every
        two hours worked.
Moms night out, and/or couple's painting for fun. Relax and paint in this one session
class. Meet new people and bring your own wine and/or refreshments. Email Ellen to
see a list of art to choose from.
Ellmcgaug@aol.com .
Party size. 5-18

Date/Time  Please call to schedule yours
Age  13 -adult
Price 35.00

                                                                           Ellen also offers fund raisers my location or yours.
 This is an example of one of
Ellen's classes.
In this class we apply plaster to
masonite then press real leaves
to make this beautiful detailed
butterfly painting.