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Paint to the MUSIC, Butterflies
Reflection.  Paint standing at an
easel as Ellen demonstrates.
Puppy's Reflection,
Paint to the MUSIC
Fabulous Fish Collection.  Choose any
one of these for your Party.  Done on
particle board with puff paint and glass
Do your own version of this
painting. Learn how to do a
wash and about color
Emboss this
metallic sun
pattern. Frame
Mermaid Party-use
texture,shells,  iridescent
paint, and sparkles.
Tinker bell Party-use
texture,pearl paint ,puff
paint,and sparkles
Paint this sign for your room
and personalize it
Beach Boys music,outdoor
water fun and this beach
ball painting make for a
great warm weather party
  These are just a few examples of the many
works of art to choose from for your art party!