This is a painting of me showing my daughter      
Stephanie, heaven.  She loves the ocean and
moving to Pensacola Beach has been  a little      
glimpse of  God's Glory.
I did this mural at the Levin Estate in Pensacola Fl., and have sold a lot of
embellished giclee' canvas prints.  I added the scripture to the prints because
the painting has a spiritual quality about it.  When I finished it, it brought tears to
my eyes and I couldn't explain why.  The statue is life size and is surrounded by
marble floors and a church cathedral staircase.  The five foot crystal chandelier in
front of it, casts prisms of rainbow colors, which is truly glorious to behold.
I was commissioned to paint this garden scene using books with photos from
the most beautiful gardens in America.  I used inspiration from each of these
and created my own version of paradise.  The statue is life size and is done in oil
painted directly on the wall plaster.
 I did this portrait as a gift for a friend whose daughter passed away at age  
eleven.  My daughter also has down syndrome, so it was very close to my
I still feel this mothers pain years later, and only hope she find comfort in know
ing her baby is well cared for. I added the scripture to the prints also
 " For the city had no need for sun or stars, for the Glory of God is it's light"
                                                                                                               Rev. 21:23