$30.00 registration fee (No refund)

Parties are on Sat. From 2:00-4:30, or Fri. 6:00-8:30
(some exceptions made)
Party includes:  

  • Finished work of art

  • Art instruction 1 1/2 hours  Cost $25.00/person
add $5.00/half hour of instruction for pictures that take longer
(I will then turn the studio over to you for opening presents, and/or

  • Group size 10-15  (ten person minimum)

  • Balloons and theme party table provided (childrens parties)

  • Birthday Hat pictured (optional)

  • Theme music

  • Party bubbles, And glittering hair color (optional)

  • Ladies parties, feel free to bring your favorite bottle of  wine.  Wine
    glasses provided.

    Children enjoy the gardens and
    For evening parties, fire pit and
    tiki torches are available.
    Out door tables and umbrella.
    Indoor and out door music
This is Just one of many
works  of art for you to choose
for your PARTY.  Please
inquire as to  your other
Most of my art has texture and
is embellished with shells,
jewels, clay, glass paint, puff
paint, and more.  This is so
much more fun, that just
painting.  When you come for
the party everything is set up,
pictures are already drawn,
paint pallets set,embellish-
ments and brushes ready!
           Click here to see her web site      

   To make your party really special I
     suggest calling Sharon. She is a
     local business,
        (right down the street from me)
    She makes some of the best tasting
    and affordable cakes. Really great
    personalized designs.